Unit 05 - Trimming Techniques

Up until now we have been editing and only working with one clip at a time. With Trimming we are interested in where clips intersect (the edit point). Trimming is good for removing extra media and controlling how one clip cuts to another. Think about it as refining the edits you have done.


One-Sided Trimming

rippleRipple Edit - Ripple editing is similar to Insert editing. The overall duration of a sequence is affected by moving the In or Out point of a clip. Ripple editing lengthens or shortens the In-Out point of a clip as it is edited into a sequence, without affecting the duration of any other clips or affecting any gaps in the sequence.

Two-Sided Trimming

Rolling Edit - Rolling edit is similar to overwrite. The Roll tool is just to the left of the Ripple tool. The Rolling Edit moves the Out point of one clip and the In point of the clip next to it. The overall duration of the sequence is not affected but the location of the edit between the two clips is changed.

slipSlip - With the Slip tool, the clips' position and duration are unchanged in the Timeline, but the I and the O of the clip are changed. The Slip tool allows you to move a clip's In and Out points simultaneously.


Slide Edit - The Slide tool is next to the Slip tool. The Slide Edit allows you to move a clip's position in the Timeline between two others without creating a gap. The content of the clip does not change; only its position in the Timeline changes. When you slide a clip, the adjacent clips on either side get longer and shorter to fill any gaps that would normally be created. The sequence's duration is unchanged.






You can add markers to a clip or a sequence. Markers can be used to mark audio cues or sync up two cameras. You can create a chapter marker for DVD Authoring or just use markers as sticky notes to leave information for you or another editor.

I often use markers when I am making a montage and I have a sound track to work with. I play the music track and lay down a marker by clicking the "M" key on my keyboard.

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