Unit 03 - Building and Organizing


Build Story - inset and overwrite using the canvas - loading from the viewer
Organizing - deleting clips, moving clips, 3 point editing (setting ins and outs in the timeline), back-time edit, replace edit, fit-to-fill, 4 point editing

Build your story

During the "building your story" phase you will figure out the basic story order. What clip is first, what is last and the rough sequence of the clips in the middle. Once you have it roughed out you adjust the order or organize your story.


Sequences are Timelines and you can have multiple sequence. Double click on a Sequence in the Project panel to load it up in the Timeline. When you load up multiple sequences they show up as tabs in the Timeline. To close a sequence, click on the "X" on the tab.


3 point editing - Any combination of the source clip's In point or Out point and the In point or Out point in your Timeline. If an In or Out point is not set on the Timeline the play head will set the In point.

Flow - Project Panel --> Source Panel--> Set In and Out--> Insert or Overwright to Timeline

You can also use the Project Panel in Thumbnail view and set in and out point and place to the timeline. It just isn't as percise.

Start building your story by loading up the video into the Source Panel by double clicking a clip in the Project Panel. The set In and Out points. Then you can drag the clips directly from the Source to the Timeline but you could click the insert (,) or overwrite (.) see below).

Insert Editing -
Places the selected video or audio so that everything after the insertion point, on any unlocked track, is shifted forward in time. (,)

Overwrite Editing
- Replaces the current video or audio of equal length on the selected tracks with the selected video or audio. (.)

Organizing the clips once they are on the Timeline

Deleting clips - lift or ripple. If you click the delete key you are doing a lift. Right click to do a ripple delete.

Lift - Lift removes a range of frames from the Timeline, leaving a gap.


The lift leaves a space.

Ripple Delete - Ripple delete removes the frames from the Timeline and closes the gap.

ripple delete

Moving clips - If you start to move a clip and then hold down the the Option key a curve arrow will appear and that means that the clip you are dragging will do an insert edit. If you don't hold the Option key, you will create an overwrite edit



Edit 6 clips to the Timeline in 60 seconds.

Start working on our class video.


You will be pitching your midtermat the next class. Storyboards will be due.