Stop Motion - Overview

"Stop Motion" is an animation technique created in which successive positions of objects are photographed to produce the appearance of movement.

This course will explore the art of stop motion. Emphasis will be on animation techniques and theory. Concepts such as as squash/stretch, ease in and ease out, anticipation, staging and composition, armatures, clay sculpting, posture/gesture, walks, and lip sync will be explored through in-class demonstrations, frame-by-frame analysis of animations, and experimentation.

Although the majority of production will be done during class time significant outside time is required for tasks such as environment/character creation.

Cost of some equipment, tools, and art supplies will be each student's responsibility.

The final product will be a group effort. Emphasis will be on helping participants to develop original, effective animated characters and story telling.


Explore the history of frame by frame animation
Explore Principles of animation
Learn about 2D, 3D an Pixilation
Learn about still photography such as exposure and depth of field
Learn about character and enviroment creation
Create several short animations that tell a story