Unit 05 - Pixilation and Lip Sync

The Animation Process

Insirational Animation - Hezarfen
When you watch this animation think about how all the pieces come together to tell a story without words. Notice the initial establishing shots and angles. Notice the use of sound effects and high energy music.

Story Boards and Final Stories - Presentations using the black boards and pins.

Pixilation Examples

In-class Activity

  1. Lip Sync experiment - One student speaks while be video recorded. Then the instructor will use sound track with audio and rotoscoping with a video track.

  2. Pixilation experiment using students in class as actors and experimenting with impossible situations and character posing. Use camera and tripod in classroom.
  3. Group Time - Groups should plan to have at least one cell of a storyboard narration completed by next class. See homework section below.


Self- assigned homework (approved by group).
During class time discuss what you will be doing to prepare for next week. E.g., if your group decided on the dimensions for your backgrounds and/or sets you could set these goals for yourself:

  • Set up a document in Photoshop that is the correct dimensions.
  • Do an initial design.
  • Post the design on D2L Preproduction Forum and discuss with others.
  • Post in the dropbox what your homework assignment is.q