Unit 03 - Animation Principles and Character Development


  • Presentations by the writers. Have actual voice talents read if possible.
    ~ Note: You will want your voice talent to act out the Principles when doing voice recording.
  • Class give feedback to writers.
  • As a class we examine the development of our characters.
  • Writer work with Character animators and storyboards artistist.
  • Character Development conversation - Template

In-class Activity

  1. Pennies with personality exercise.
  2. Brainstorming session is discussing how different animation principles can be applied to the trilogy. Storyboard and scripts are modified to indicate Principles.
  3. As a class decide on the strong descriptive words that describe the personality of the chararacters.


Homework for writers and storyboard artist is to finalize story to be presented.

Homework for all other's is to start sketching out scenes and props of any cells and make a list of what supplies are needed.