Unit 01 - Introductions & Animation


  • Introduce Self
  • Class orientation
  • Overview of assignments and goals
  • Introduce final project

History of Animation

3D Examples

2D Examples





American Psychological Association (APA):




In-class Activity

  1. Quick orientation to iStop Motion using one ball of clay side view or the white board. Students experiment with iStopMotion.
  2. Students takes turns present ideas for final during a brainstorming session. All ideas are captured using Inspiration or other software. The final will be a 3 part story or 3 episode or trilogy. The characters should be scene in all three parts but this is up for discussion in the first class.


  1. Participate in online discussions
  2. Purchase a sketchbook and draw anything for 10 minutes and bring to next class.
  3. Think about ideas for final storyline and bring to class.
  4. Think about what role you want to play in production.
  5. Find one example of stop motion that you would like to share with the class and post that link in D2L.