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Brandon Berman came to Front Range Community College in 2001 as a part-time instructor in multimedia graphic design department and joined the full-time faculty in 2005. “Multimedia and teaching are passions of mine,” Brandon says. “My work at FRCC brings both passions together.”

The passion for multimedia started early. Brandon recalls using two VCRs to edit movies with his brother in the early 80’s. That was prehistoric multimedia time, you might say.
He also experimented with a basic computer program on his Atari to make some simple animations. Brandon took his first graphic design course during his undergraduate programs and recalls working with the earliest Macintosh graphic design drawing programs.

Brandon brings real-world experience into the classroom. He founded and was the CEO of a web development company. He has been a software trainer, and he has been a webmaster for a major communications corporation. All the while, he was teaching multimedia technology courses at community colleges and continuing education programs at other institutions. He also taught psychology from 1995 to 1997 at FRCC.

“Brandon has the energy and skill to marry artistic ability with technical knowledge,” says Andy Dorsey, vice president of FRCC’s Westminster/North Metro area.

In 2007 Brandon was Master Teacher. In addition to being an excellent teacher, he pushes his program in new and innovative directions, and has been the catalyst of iTunes U, an initiative that helps keep FRCC on the cutting edge. IN 2008 Brandon was Outstanding Faculty of the Year.

He creates partnerships with other departments, industry and other educational institutions and helps the college as a whole by promoting supplemental technical approaches to instruction, retention, promotion, and coordination.

Brandon has a Master of Arts in clinical psychology from the Center for Humanistic Studies, Detroit, Mich., a Bachelor of Arts in psychology with a minor in communications from the University of New Mexico, and an associate of applied science and certificates in multimedia technology from Red Rocks Community College.

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