Flash II - Overview

The course explores intermediate-level Flash and ActionScripting with a focus on web motion and interactivity.

Proposed class subjects:

  • Web Mock Up
  • Navigation
  • Working with Media
  • Transitions with Tween Class
  • Dynamically loading images
  • Contact Form
  • Preloader
  • Streaming Video
  • JPEG slideshows
  • Forms
  • Game and App development
  • Advanced 2D character animation

Needed basic Flash concepts to be successful in this class

  • You should understand what each tool in Flash does and how to create motion and shape tweens
  • You should understand symbols and their differences
  • You should have basic ActionScript knowledge, such as stop, play, and gotoAndStop


Over the next 15 weeks you will be creating a Flash web site or web app or infographic. Some weeks you will implement what you learn to build another part of your final project and other times you will be required to do your own self study/research. At the end of the semester you will have a functional flash web site app or info graphic. We will work together to educate and critique each others web site functionality and design.


There are no mandatory books. I will provide many recommendation for books.


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