Unit 01 - Introductions


  • Introduce self
  • Not a coding class
  • Experimental class
  • We all learn together and leave our ego at the door
  • Syllabus


Design construction process and parameters

  1. Goal of Site - Get job, express yourself, demo products, do experimental app...
  2. Target Audience
  3. Design
    • Flowchart
    • Static mockup
    • Design layout
  4. Development and implementation
    • Navigation
    • Main and tertiary content
    • Create navigation interactivity
    • Content grouped and concise
  5. Deployment and Testing

Site tech requirements depend on audience

  • Pages loads quickly
  • Size of site fits in active area, mobile device?


  • Heirachy of information is clear
  • Text legible and consistent
  • Body copy short and concise
  • Clear navigation
  • Indicate links in text with

Class Activity:

  • Multiple activities discussion goals of class and projects.
  • Search and report to the class on imformation about flash websites, games or apps.


  1. Post in D2L an initial flow chart for your multimedia project using google docs or power point or any program of your choice.
  2. Post in D2L an initial mock-up (can be rough) in program of your choice.