Unit 03 - Symbols and Motion Tweening

Symbols, Instances, and the Library

  • symbol - reusable object that lives in the library
  • instance - a copy of the symbol that lives on stage refering back to a symbol in the library

Creating Symbols

  • creating graphic symbols (Modify > Convert to Symbol)
  • alternate methods to create symbols (double-click on Stage vs Library)
  • symbol naming conventions

Creating Symbols
Modify > Convert to Symbol

Insert > New Symbol
(Command F8)

Editing Symbols and Instances

  • editing symbols (change it in the library and it's changed everywhere)
  • editing symbol instances (shape, effects, color, etc.)
  • working with the library

Motion Tweening

  • animated graphic symbols
  • right click or control click on a keyframe with multiple frames to create a motion tween.
  • only works with symbols
  • tweening effects
  • motion guides
  • motion tweening text

Midterm- Check out the midterm assignment.


Take your animation to the next level. Create a new scene that utilizes symbols and motion tweens. This can be anything just make sure you have animations and are using symbols and motion tweens.