Unit 02 - Animation Basics

Introduction to Animation

The Timeline

  • the timeline
  • the frame rate
  • the playhead
  • layers


  • keyframe
  • frames vs. keyframes
  • blank keyframe
  • selecting, creating, deleting, copying, and reversing frames
  • keyboard shortcuts

Frame-by-Frame Animation

  • frame-by-frame animation
  • testing movies

Shape Tweening


  • shape tweening
  • easing
  • shape hinting
  • edit multiple frames
  • animating gradients
  • onion skinning
  • multiple shape tweens




Now that you have created your scene it's time for some animation. Draw (on it's own layer) an animal, mineral or vegetable and have it do something in your scene. Use frame-by-frame, shape tweening or a combination of both.