Unit 01 - Introductions & Drawing

Unit Objectives

  • introduce self
  • introduction to Motion Design video (online course)
  • explore the basics of Flash
  • explore the interface
  • learn about the drawing tools in Flash
  • learn about basic animation
  • learn about bitmaps within Flash
  • become introduced to interactivity in Flash

Introduction to Flash

  • file types:
    • master Flash files have a ".fla" extension
    • exported files for the web are ".swf" files
    • supported video files are ".flv, .f4v, .mp4"
    • Action Script files are ".as"
  • the Flash player must be present on the viewers computer in order for their browser play the .swf file
  • Flash is scaleable
  • Flash handles bitmaps and vector graphics
  • Flash streams
  • Flash can create executable files
  • Flash handles video
  • Flash can interface with a database

Two types of graphics

1. Bitmap - made up pixels (each with its own color information)





2. Vector - created by mathematical points

Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player.

Get Adobe Flash player

Here is a JPEG file at 100%. 50 pixels by 50 pixels

Here is the same JPEG at 150 pixels by 150 pixels.

  this is a .swf file created at 50 by 50 and displayed at 150 by 150. Try right clicking or control clicking on the image and zoom in.


The Interface

  • stage - where you create your artwork
  • tools - rectangular palette that has many editing tools
  • timeline - a visual representation of time based on frames
  • play head - an indicator in the Timeline that displays on stage (to click and drag the play head is known as scrubbing)
  • work area - light gray area beyond your stage (not visible in your final .swf)
  • properties panel - a context sensitive menu
  • panels - resizeable, expandable, customizable and closeable windows of information that can be customized (under Window menu)
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • tool tips

Drawing and Color

  • pencil
  • modifying lines
  • pen tool
  • oval and rectangle tools
  • free transform
  • envelop modifier
  • the brush tool
  • using the mixer
  • adding custom colors to the color palette
  • importing color palettes
  • editing gradients
  • working with multiple objects
  • grouping objects
  • text

Why Flash


The Exercise

  • break into groups
  • explore the deco tool


Create a scene using the drawing tools and grouping. Don't bring in artwork from any other medium. This homework assignment requires that you create the scene by using only the tools in Flash and your imagination. Examples: landscape, city, inside a house, etc. You can deconstruct the example file to get ideas or learn more about the drawing tool.