Unit 10 - Lab

Assign. Final Project

Former student demo reels



Tips for making demo reels


Other Examples





Fire Receipe

  1. Create a solid layer and apply CC Paritcle World
    1. Increase birthrate to about 3
  2. Physics properties
    1. Velocity = 0
    2. Gravity= .2
    3. Animation = Fire
  3. Particle
    1. Change Line to Lens Bubble
  4. Producer
    1. Adjust the Y position to see more of the particles
  5. Apply a Fast Blur and set deminsions to verticle and blurriness to 25
  6. Apply Turbulent Displace and change size to 10 and evolutions to an expression "time*250"
  7. Apply Colorama and change input to Alpha and uncheck the Modify Alpha checkbox and change preset color to fire.
  8. Apply Sharpen and chage it to 20
  9. Apply Glow and set radius to 100 and threshold to 80

You can then add ground and a spot light. If you set the Intensity of the light to and expression "wiggle(10,20)" it will cause the intensity of the light to wiggle at a rate of 20, 10 times a second which gives the flickering effect


Homework #6 - Build an evironment that uses animated particles.